On one of my projects, we recently ran into an issue with the browser displaying dates that were a day behind when the user was logged in on the Pacific time zone.

I began looking at the project’s source and realized that the client side code had been compensating for the server’s time zone by trying to time shift all dates back to the time zone it should be in.

This solution ended up giving us a fairly complicated mess on our hands. The essential problem was pretty simple, though. The server was passing dates back to the client with the time zone specified. Our servers were in EST, so anyone in PST would see a date that was time shifted by 3 hours. If the server would just pass back dates with no time zone at all, then we’d be in the clear.

To do that, all we had to do was pass back dates by parsing them out with no time zones, like this:

  var datePassingBack = DateTime.SpecifyKind(dateTimeToParse,