I’m about to begin my annual re-read of Clean Code, but before I start this year I thought it would be idea to touch on a subject that I haven’t actually seen a lot of discussion on.

That issue begins with a premise: we all violate SOLID principles in our code. We have to. You can’t write any non-trivial project without violating at least one of the principles. Most of the time you’ll find yourself choosing one over another, and that is where I thought an intersting topic of conversation could be had.

When is it ok to violate SOLID principles? For this post, specifically the D

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I just recently built a new computer. I decided to go middle of the road on this one, and build something that I anticipate will last me around 2 to 3 years. So far I am completely loving this build.

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It can’t be over stated how important it is for your teams to practice the basics.

With my teams, I spend a good bit of time showing them how to do what are known as “katas”. What is the point behind these short excercises? Let me tell you a story.

When I was fifteen, I joined my high school chess team. Yeah, I was a chess nerd. There was one particular tournament I went to with a couple of my friends and my coach that I’ll never forget.

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