I’m working on a reputation system for a site I’ve been recently working on (http://www.serveandtrade.com).  I’m going through some ideas so I thought I’d post them on here and see what people think.

Let’s start buy throwing up what we currently have so we can see where we’re trying to go.  Here’s a mockup of what a user will see when they search for trades right now.


I have a couple problems with how it works right now.

  1. I don’t like that it’s in a grid/table format.  I have to fix that first.  I’m moving more towards something like a list layout.

  2. There are some things missing that I would like to be able to do.  For instance, if I just searched for “can of soup”, and I see that Michelle has the one I want, I would like to have a button/link/something to click on that says “I want that!”  Right now the only thing you can do is go look at the trade, or ask a question.

  3. Clicking on the owner’s link takes you to their profile, but it doesn’t show you what other trades they have, or trades they are looking for.  That information could really be useful.

I’m sure there are other things I could think of, but for now I’m going to start focusing on these three and build some mockups to illustrate these workflows.

First, getting rid of the grid.


This search list looks a lot better I think.  There are some more features on here then the other one, but we’ll go over those in subsequent posts.

So at this point I’m looking for any feedback.  ANY feedback, good or bad… I’ll take it all.  I really haven’t made up my mind at this point yet, but I think I’m heading in the right direction.

Next post will be about the “I want it!” feature.  Stay tuned!