I’ve been building a system on my free time with node, and I thought I would give the new atom editor a whirl.

It turns out, there was a little gotchya that I didn’t expect.

When I ran my node server through my normal terminal, everything would work fine. However, when I ran it through a plugin on atom (term2), I would get an internal server error every time I ran it.

I use gulp, so the command between each bash shell was very simple. I literally just ran “gulp” and it would run through all the tasks I had created.

After tracing it down for around an hour, I finally discovered that when I ran it through terminal, it was running under development, but when I was running it in atom, it was running under production.

I verified this in multiple ways, but the final mark was when I ran “printenv” in both shells. On my terminal, NODE_ENV wasn’t defined at all, but in atom, NODE_ENV was set to production.

I’m going to have to trace this back to see if this is something that atom is doing explicitly or if this is happening for some other reason, but at least for now I understand what it was, and it actually showed me that I had a config problem between my dev and prod environments!