Google Voice is a message management system that was originally called  Grand Central, but got bought out by Google.  I was a real fan even before Google got it, but all the lines had been bought out so I couldn’t get into it.  I recently received an email that they had opened up some more lines, so I jumped.

Now I have google voice, and there are some things that I think are really cool about it.  When someone leaves you a voicemail, it transcribes the recording for you so you can read it online.  Also, all texts that are sent to you are viewable online as well.  One other awesome feature is that you can add a call widget to your web site (I have one on the right hand side) that allows people to call you without giving out your phone number.  It’s great if you have a portfolio online, and want people to contact you about freelance jobs or something, but you don’t want to give out your number.

Check it out!