I’ve been unexpectedly suprised by the longevity of my BlackBerry Curve.  I’m coming up on my 2 year mark, and it’s still operating the same as it was when I bought it.  I think that’s the first phone I’ve had that I can say that of.  That’s also not for lack of use, either.  I’ve really beat the heck out of this phone.  The only issue I’ve come across is the ball will get sticky every now and then and it won’t respond to movement.  There’s a simple remedy, though.  All you have to do is move around the ball with a damp cloth.  After you’ve done that for a bit, let it dry and you should be able to use the ball again.  I’ve had to do this about 4 times, because my son, Isaac, get’s a hold of the thing and get’s some _funk _on it.

All in all, very pleased with my BlackBerry.