Welcome to JosephBulger.com!  This is hopefully going to be the first of many blogs that I write!  This blog will focus on things that I take interest of mostly: my family, programming, various technologies, etc.

My Family

Needless to say, this is where the majority of my time and effort are spent!  So naturally, I’ll be blogging a great deal about my family.

My wonderful wife, Michelle, takes care of our entire family, which is completely unbelievable.  She’s also running  a blog.

Sarah is just finishing up 4rth grade! 

Joseph is talking/walking/running/anything like crazy and Isaac has nearly mastered the art of walking and is moving onto the science of speaking.


I’ll be writing a lot of blogs about programming concepts and their applications that I come across in my work.

RockDigital Consulting 

I work full time as a Senior Software Engineer, but I also run a consulting company on the side that I might write about preiodically as well.  Sound like a plug?  You bet it is =P  Sorry, have to get my advertising in when I can!  Anything cool and exciting that happens to my company I’ll most likely blog about so people can see what’s happening there.


This could really be about anything, but its most likely going to be cool gadgets, ideas, frameworks I’m looking into or using.